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Put yourself on a park bench next to a fountain in the middle of the city. You've just finished up your lunch break, but you have a few extra minutes to sit and relax. Consider what you might think about…


What have you done today?

What have you done with your life?

How has your personal life been lately?

Do you miss your parents? What about other family members?

How are things going with your job?

Do you feel nostalgic, perhaps about some memories of a family vacation from many years ago?


Whatever thoughts come to mind, this piece is meant to convey them, along with the unbridled (and sometimes melancholy) experience of just letting the mind wander for a few moments.

If you're a nostalgic person, like me, then this piece probably accurately conveys what you would think and feel if you had a few moments to yourself on a park bench. If you don't consider yourself to be nostalgic, then give it a try sometime. Think back. Remember. Consider. Ponder.

A Fleeting Ponderance - Euph. Trio (DIGITAL)

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