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In all honesty, this piece was born out of my compositional ineptitude. For years, I have
spent countless hours sitting at a desk trying to write a complete piece of music. Nearly
every time, I have run into the same problem: the wonderful theme that I had written out
had nowhere else to go, nothing else to offer, and had no space to develop. Aside from the
main theme, I was at a loss when it came to knowing what to write next. For this piece, I
decided to take that issue and run with it, writing whatever came to mind in the moment
and putting each musical thought onto the page. While some of these ideas were simply
fleeting gestures, others managed to unfold and develop a bit more.

At its core, I’ve Had a Thought is a collection of the various thoughts that I had during the
compositional process. For me, it reflects the thought processes that we go through each
day – images, ideas, and stories constantly enter and exit our minds, whether we are
consciously aware of it or not. While some of these thoughts last only a moment, others
take wild turns and become something completely different. Throughout the piece, very
few ideas return a second time, representing the tendency of our thoughts to exit our
minds and never come back.

I've Had a Thought - Tuba Duet (DIGITAL)

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